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Interesting & inexpensive Resources for couples that I recommend: 
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Feel free to explore the couples workstation program (above) ~ and to discuss this with me and how it might be of help to you in my Ann Arbor counseling office for Couples.
Here (below) are a couple of videos that are illustrative of some of the things couples work on in therapy in Ann Arbor that can make a difference:   
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Transform Your Relationship - Part 6: Re-Romantize Your Partnership
Remember those early days of your courtship when you would profess your love freely and do wonderful, thoughtful things for each other that nurtured the relationship? But there's a better way...Counseling Ann Arbor, MI
This video shows and example of problematic couple communication and one of the exercises (from Imago therapy techniques) used to develop new and more satisfying couple communication skills for use together that can be practiced in your Ann Arbor Therapy sessions:
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Transform Your Relationship - Part 7: The Couple's Dialogue
Couples therapy, relationship issues work, communication for couples; counseling Ann Arbor, MI
You can watch the rest of this series developed by "mama natural" on
   that will give  you the flavor of what couple's therapy can be about and can do for relationships as this couple shares what couple therapy meant for them and how it worked.   Couples also sometimes benefit from getting individual counseling, or psychotherapy along with relationship counseling. 
Both kinds of counseling are available in my Ann Arbor psychotherapy office.