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With over 30 years of counseling & psychotherapy experience,

I work with a broad spectrum of clients and client issues: ADHD, adolescent/parent conflicts, family therapy, couples counseling, relationship therapy, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, social skills training, work challenges and stress, alcoholic family recovery issues, making healthy transitions, assisting with therapeutic lifestyle change as well as parenting guidance, professional development and education. Throughout, I offer a psychodynamic and relational approach to discovery and change.

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I've had extensive training and experience in a range of approaches, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family systems and interpersonal therapy, and recognize that psychotherapy is most effective when it embraces the unique challenges faced by each individual. As a mental health counselor in Ann Arbor, I'm flexible in my approach and guided by what would be the most effective treatment in light of each client's specific needs.

I offer an open, conversational, and professionally directed approach to individuals and couples seeking therapy for issues including depression, anxiety, and obsessive behaviors, as well as sexuality, broken relationships, and life transitions. The therapeutic relationship is used to help you learn new ways of understanding yourself and others. Throughout our conversation, we will work to understand areas of conflict and difficulty in new ways allowing you to make clearer decisions with more confidence and grace. As a versatile clinician, I enjoy working with all people.

Whether it is Marriage counseling, family therapy, Parenting consultation, Individual or relationship therapy,coaching services or working with you on your own iin Individual therapy ~ I welcome patients' stories and enjoy helping them find their own courage, core strengths and desires. As a psychotherapist doing therapy in Ann Arbor some 25+ years, it still is a privilege to witness a patient's process as they discover how to express their truest selves. I love this work and consider it a great gift to be invited to witness your work and to work with you in your process toward health and happiness.



Graduate School:


Wayne State University

Year Graduated: 1987



License Masters in Clinical Social Work

Academy of Certified Social Workers

Currently doing Individual therapy only - no couples or Family




Hours: by appointment and online video or phone only

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: Closed

Sun: Open by appointment

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