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Getting your life back down to Earth -

Getting one's life grounded is important for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing! Our lives and our culture have often taken us far adrift. But promising new developments are charting new ways back to old territory.

Some of the distress and anxiety that underlies our lives is from recognizing on some level that we've been charting lifestyles that are unsustainable. Way back in the 70's, when the groundbreaking book "Limits to Growth" came out our fears and common sense were confirmed. The book explained how it wasn't really possible to have unchecked economic and population growth on a planet with finite resources. Makes sense doesn't it? Our economy demands endless growth, but resources most often, sadly, have limits.

Sometimes we barge ahead in life going with the program... not having time to think, inspect and analyze everything, but on some level there is an intuitive part of us that gets it, that we're barging ahead, and not on solid ground. And so our dis-ease builds...

However, new developments... all over there are people who've been recognizing that we can't wait for the politicians, government and "leaders" to decide to make programmatic changes... changes need to be made. And there are people all around the world who are making those changes and trailblazing with the good knowledge that's developed about how to live differently and more in balance with the earth, and our community. Changes that give one a sense of community, connection, balance, earthiness and richness. Isn't that a tune up?

Here in our area of Southeast Michigan, one of those organizations is called AMPY, and it celebrating the kind of security that comes with community connection and practicing from a foundation of 'first things first'. Right in concert with the rest of the local food movement, AMPY aims to gather the community in building food security by working and planning together in concert ~~ all while having fun and sharing with one another important new skills and insights.

Here's AMPY's most recent newsletter:

and a small video clip above that will help you get a sense of what its about. If you like it ~ get in touch!

AMPY is the creation of an organization founded by Jesse Tack, called Whole Culture Repair. Feel free to explore! And let's all get our lives more grounded in 'down to earth' natural lives that are respectful and supportive, as well as working with Planet Earth.

Here is a good orientation and brief primer on "why permaculture" that covers why we need to change our relationship to food, nature and our immediate environment:

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