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Practicing Mindfulness, Calming when coping with Anxiety, Distress

When we're having a difficult or challenging time, one of the nicest things to find is that you can center yourself and find calm, a sense of security and serenity.... and strength.

Sometimes we might find this difficult. Or perhaps we've been fraught with anxiety for a long time and we can barely remember this experience! This is why it is something that we can benefit from practising regularly. Practicing reaching into this deep well and resource helps us know how to find our way there in more challenging and stressful times --- going there becomes a well worn groove, that we can then, just slide into as needed. It is just as Albert Camus said in that famous quote:

"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an

invincible summer"

We find that this practice is rejuvenating and gives us a feeling of freshness and vitality, clearing away unnecessary preoccupations and stress and leaving us refreshed. Try this daily, or at least weekly for best results, and see how it feels. Notice the benefits. This is a tool you can take with you anywhere, and use whenever you need it.

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