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Ann Arbor Counseling & Therapy Group's offered:

Women's Support Group

$20+ per session 6 sessions

Support group for Women wanting a safe place to share around issues of loss/grief, relationships, life changes and transitions. We use psycho-educational material at times to offer valuable relevant information and to enrich the discussion.

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Self Esteem: A Family Affair

$20+ per session 6 sessions

Using easily accessible material from the book Self Esteem: A Family Affair, we will look at messages we got growing up; and affirmations we are missing as well as how to give and receive them for ourselves and in nurturing other family members. We’ll use psycho-educational material at times for valuable information and to enrich the


Intimacy ~ ‘Stage 2’ Relationships Therapy

$20+ per session 6 sessions

Anger signals us about unmet needs, limits and boundaries and helps us "find our voice" with the people who matter the most.

It informs us when we need to "set things right" and shows us where we have painful disconnections.

Using material excerpted from the books The Dance of Anger, and the Dance of Intimacy: ‘Courageous acts of change in Key relationships’, we'll look at what we want in our relationships, the process of changing our patterns in relationships, what anger represents and how we expand our relationships to allow for more movement and fulfillment. We will use psycho-educational material at times to enrich the discussion.

Re-establishing NatureConnection to De-stress:

$20+ per session 6 sessions

"Interaction with Nature is critically important to human well-being and development, but sadly has become compromised and diminished in modern times. Through deliberate design, this connection can be repaired and restored." Kellert

Modern life has truly disconnected many of us from Nature. So it makes sense that from 75 to 90% of all doctor's visits are physical illnesses related to stress and that the number of stress-related disability claims by American employees has doubled. We’ll learn how to be more aware of our relationship with Nature, and explore the use of some simple tools for consciously making use of that connection to de-stress and increase our sense of well being in your Ann Arbor Therapy sessions.

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